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The Best Approach For Efficient & Effective Grant Management

Better application management of scholarships, grants, awards, and more.

The Best Approach For Efficient & Effective Grant Management

What is the easiest and most efficient way to run a grant program? The answer without a doubt is using grant management software. Specifically, SmarterSelect. Below, we’ll share all the ways that using our software can improve your entire grantmaking program. Some of them may surprise you! Let’s dive in.

1. Application Creation Made Easy

Believe it or not, for some program managers, this is the most time-consuming element of grantmaking. With SmarterSelect, we give you a program library of real grant applications that have been used by others and that you can use to develop your own. Sometimes just seeing an example of what has worked in the past and being able to replicate it is all you need to get the job done.


2. Filtering Applications Automatically

Perhaps we should say automagically because our preprogrammed filtering is like magic for the busy grantmaker. SmarterSelect is really a great software for grantmakers, because with SmarterSelect’s pre-qualification settings, you can eliminate unqualified candidates from your pool of applicants before they even have the chance to apply. And, you can further eliminate unqualified candidates by adding additional screening questions to your application that will let them know from the start whether or not they fit what you’re looking for in a recipient. Finally, you can include a glimpse of what your entire application looks like so that only the people that are truly serious about requesting funding end up applying.

3. No More Disorganized Piles of Paper

Because our software for managing grant applications can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection and on a multitude of devices, you don’t have to print out a bunch of physical paperwork and file it. Instead, you can keep everything categorized and labeled for easy searching and safekeeping in the cloud. Your applicants can also upload anything from transcripts to budget reports, photos to letters of reference, and much more.

4. Get in Touch Effortlessly

Grant application software reduces the time required to communicate with everyone involved in your grant program. Set up FAQs for frequently asked questions, broadcast reminders that are sent out for important dates such as upcoming deadlines, and generate text messages with important status notifications that you can broadcast with ease.


5. Save Time on Customer Support with Question Level Hints and FAQs

SmarterSelect online grant management software can save you untold amounts of time and energy when it comes to customer support alone. Easily create a frequently asked questions area for your application so that you don’t get inundated with customer service requests that ask the same thing multiple times. Then, add question-level hints and answer validation so that anyone filling out your application will know exactly what you’re looking for in the answer sections.

6. Collect and Evaluate Applicants on Autopilot

This is perhaps the most exciting element of grant management software for administrators. Imagine being able to automatically receive and then quickly eliminate applications from your pool of candidates without hesitation. Thanks to our software, candidates can submit their application and it is instantly sent to you without any additional effort on your part. 

Then, our automatic scoring can generate the scores for qualitative values allowing you to eliminate the applications that don’t measure up easily. For example, let’s say you want to eliminate applications that have a need greater than $30,000. With automation, this is a simple task. Or perhaps you want to only look at applications that have filled out every question on your form, again you can quickly sift through the pile with the click of a button.

You can also create a scoring rubric that makes it easy for your committee to evaluate applications that remain in the pool after your initial filtering. All the data can be made anonymous as well to reduce bias. And, evaluators can easily share scores and notes to make quicker work of the evaluation process. You can even generate reports instantly that help you analyze evaluation and applicant data.


Bottom Line - You Need SmarterSelect for Efficient and Effective Grant Management

The biggest problem grantmakers share with us is not having enough time. The automation that grant management software provides is the best solution to that problem. We help you eliminate the bottlenecks in your grant process, and give you the ability to scale your operation to several thousand applicants with ease. 

Instant communication, no programming necessary, automated recommendations, and so much more await you with SmarterSelect. It's the best grant management system in many ways. We can’t wait to help you expand your impact and make your process less complicated. Schedule a demo today, and we’ll show you how we can give you back the time and energy that you’ve been missing.


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