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Reviewr - Pricing, Features, Alternatives, and More

Better application management of scholarships, grants, awards, and more.

Reviewr - Pricing, Features, Alternatives, and More

When it comes to managing scholarship applications, there are a lot of options out there to automate and streamline the process. Reviewr submission management software is one such tool, and it offers a lot of features that scholarship managers demand. The question is though, is Reviewr the best choice for your scholarship program? To better answer that, we'll explore their pricing and features, and even share some alternatives.

What is Reviewr?

Reviewr is a web-based program used by a variety of organizations to manage their scholarship programs. Reviewr streamlines the entire scholarship application process for program administrators. It also provides reporting and tracking features so that scholarship managers can measure the effectiveness of their programs.


Who is Reviewr Most Suitable For?

Reviewr submission management software is most suitable for small to medium sized organizations. It is an easy to use solution that helps busy and often overwhelmed teams manage the scholarship submission process from start to finish. Reviewr allows you to create a database of potential candidates, review applications, and award scholarships. It also generates reports that can be used to track the success of your scholarship program.

Reviewr: How is Their Pricing?

Though they offer three different pricing tiers, Reviewr pricing is not publicly available for any of them. You’ll have to contact the company to get that information.

Maybe we’re old fashioned, but we prefer companies who are transparent in their pricing. We’re curious as to why it’s not publicly available. After all, requiring someone to contact a company to get the price makes it harder for a busy scholarship manager to shop for the best solution to streamline their process. Isn’t the whole point to save time instead of filling up their schedule with demos and sales pitches?


Reviewr: What Are Their Best Features?

Features for all three tiers of Reviewr submission management software include:

  • Custom forms for submission
  • Online evaluation and review forms
  • Tools to communicate with applicants
  • Standard reporting and 
  • Access to the customer success center

The Standard plan unlocks additional features such as the ability to upload files, phone support, and more automated features for elements such as nominating recipients and letters of recommendation. The Prestige plan is likely the most expensive plan, but it also unlocks the most features including:

  • All features from the Basic and Standard plans
  • Sub-domain options
  • Integrations with other software and
  • Integrated payment processing

Alternatives to Reviewr

After reading this and other Reviewr reviews online, you may be looking for alternatives to choose from. Preferably ones that offer pricing publicly so you can make the best decision possible without having to book a call with the sales team. With this in mind, three alternatives to Reviewr are Good Grants, AwardSpring and SmarterSelect. Of the three, the best option is SmarterSelect, and here’s our reasoning:

Strictly from a pricing standpoint, SmarterSelect is the most budget-friendly option. Where AwardSpring begins at $99 per month, you are limited to one scholarship program with this plan. Good Grants pricing starts at $139 per month. SmarterSelect on the other hand starts at $1,000 per year.

In terms of features, all three options offer application management and review tools. However, only SmarterSelect gives you access to a community forum of other scholarship program managers that you can bounce ideas off of. SmarterSelect also allows you to have unlimited programs, the ability to attach files, online evaluation tools and more.

evaluators-collaboration-graphicBottom line - of the options available on the market you won’t get more for your organization’s dollar than you will with SmarterSelect. We believe in non-profit pricing for every organization, and transparency in our pricing to boot. If that wasn’t enough, you also won’t have to pay setup fees or sign a multi-year contract. We offer training and onboarding that is easy to understand, and because SmarterSelect is so easy to use you can get your scholarship program online in 24 hours or less!

Learn for yourself why thousands of organizations switch to our submission management software. Get started with SmarterSelect for FREE!

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