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We're now SmarterSelect

Better application management of scholarships, grants, awards, and more.

We're now SmarterSelect


Today, we changed our name and provided a new fresh look on our website.  But, fear not, it's the same great service and the same great team!

Here are some Questions & Answers about our announcement.

Why did you change your name and website?

Over the past several years, our long-time and our recent customers began to use our online application services for more than just scholarships.  Today, hundreds of organizations use us for grants, recognition awards, fellowships, internships, contests, data collection, job applications, and many more purposes than we had ever imagined.  Additionally, we enhanced our services with such sophisticated features as App Rules, Calculations, and our upcoming Auto-Scoring.  In summary, "if it's a paper app, then you can create it online with SmarterSelect."  So, we wanted to change our name to reflect our "Select" past, but reference our "Smarter" future.

Do I have to update my Programs or change any of my Application Links?

Not at all.  No changes are required on your part.  We've developed this transition to be as seamless as possible.  Your new Application Links will reflect our new name at www.smarterselect.com, but your existing www.scholarselect.com Application Links will work as well.  You do not have to change our Application Links on your website.

The website home page is different.  Where do I log into the site?

Click on the Login link in the upper right corner.

My bookmarks to your site are providing an error, what do I do?

Because of our change, you may need to clear the cache on your browser.  For Firefox, select History/Clear Recent History, check Cache, then click Clear Now.  For Chrome, select Chrome/Preferences/History/Clear Browsing Data, then check Caches images and files, then click Clear browsing data.  Also, you may need to save new bookmarks at our new server location at app.smarterselect.com.

Do my applicants or evaluators need to do anything or will they see anything different?

Not at all.  All Application Links or Email invitation links with the domain of www.scholarselect.com will work as always.  For applicants and evaluators, their Start and Login pages should look exactly the same.

How will my applicants or evaluators get to their applications or evaluations?

The same as always.  No change at all.  Applicants will access their applications typically via your website as always.  You do not need to change the links on your website.  Also, no change in access methods for your evaluators.

So, what will be different?

New Application Links and links in Message emails will now have the domain of smarterselect.com instead of scholarselect.com.  But typically, most applicants don't pay attention to the domain names.  And, you will see our updated logo with a new check mark design at the top of your admin screen.

Are you changing your prices or features?

No change in prices.  And, get ready for some really neat new features in 2014.

What's new on the website?

We have added a lot of new information about our current features.  Plus, we've identified many different ways to use our online application services (e.g. grants, awards, fellowships, data collection, contests, etc.).  And, we've added some information about the team (with pictures)!

Any other changes this year?

You bet.  We've got some really great features in the development pipeline, so stay tuned for more information throughout the year.

I have more questions, how do I get help?

As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, feedback, and suggestions at our Online Support Site.

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