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First, I have to say the service of SmarterSelect is wonderful. From day one they have responded quickly, solved our issue or educated us on how to do something. Second, we use SmarterSelect for much more than scholarships. We have used it for registrations, employee grant requests, grant completion reports, finding alumni (forms), student thank you letter follow-up and more. Finally, we are able to choose the level of program we need based on the price that works best for our size organization. In my eyes, SmarterSelect and the people behind will help you work more effectively and efficiently which we all need since we have less people who need to do more.


It is a bit difficult to figure out how the app rules and autoscores affect the outcome. However, this is also where SmarterSelect shines. I am certain all similar applications have this, but SmarterSelect's customer service taught and helped me through any and all issues I had. Once you have a completed project, you can easily set up another or copy that one and adjust it.