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NEW! Send Password Resets via Text Message

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NEW! Send Password Resets via Text Message

In our latest upgrade today, we have added another way to make getting your users logged in a bit easier. For any user who already has opted into SMS (text messaging) and has a valid phone number in their My Account profile, they will be able to have their new password sent to their phone in addition to their email.  We know that some email systems may redirect our Password Reset emails to the user's spam or junk folder where they may not see it.  So, the text message is a very nice way to avoid that problem.

When an admin or the user requests a password reset, if the user has an opted-in phone number, then the admin or user will be given the option to also send the password via text message.

We are always listening, so keep your eye out for more features and improvements - big and small - as we move through 2018!

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