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Look what's in bloom this Spring at SmarterSelect!

Better application management of scholarships, grants, awards, and more.

Look what's in bloom this Spring at SmarterSelect!

It's Springtime and we are ready to grow! In the new few weeks, be on the lookout for two new features.

Essay Word Count Minimum

Today you can limit the input on a textbox essay question to a maximum number of words, but in our next release you will also be able to limit a required essay question to a minimum number of words. This will be a great way to help ensure applicants don't forget to finish an essay before submitting their application.

User Analytic Integration

Do you use Google Analytics, Hotjar, Heap, or another user analytic or tracking tool? Track activity on program start/landing pages, pre-qualifiers, and matching searches with a simple analytic tool integration feature. No coding necessary - simply copy and paste code provided by your analytic tool into a field and save. 

We are always listening, so keep your eye out for more features and improvements - big and small - as we move through 2018!

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