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How to Choose the Right Software to Assist in Grant Writing

Better application management of scholarships, grants, awards, and more.

How to Choose the Right Software to Assist in Grant Writing

Seeking, vetting, and managing grants is a multifaceted process. As a grantmaker, you juggle countless tasks—from crafting RFPs to tracking grantee progress. While rewarding, grantmaking requires robust systems to maximize efficiency and organization. That's where utilizing the right software can make a big difference.

In this post, we’ll explain how a grant writing software works to complement the grant management process, and how to go about choosing the right software to assist you in grantwriting.

What Is a Grant Writing Software?

A grant writing software is a type of software program designed to help individuals and organizations write effective grant proposals and manage the grant writing process. Key features of grant writing software may include:

Grant opportunity databases: Many programs include a database of available grants and funding opportunities that users can browse and search based on parameters like subject area, eligibility, deadline, etc.

Proposal templates: Pre-designed templates and sample proposals to use as a starting point for creating a draft. Templates are often structured around different types of grants or formatted for specific grantmakers.

Writing and editing tools: Tools like spellcheck, grammar check, and text analysis to improve grant proposal writing.

Budget builders: Features to create and manage grant budgets. This includes tools for adding expenses, matching funds, etc. Budgets are a critical part of most grant applications.

Reporting and tracking: Capabilities to track submission deadlines, funding history, pending proposals, and automate follow-ups. This helps manage grants and applications.

Compliance checking: Some software can scan proposals to check formatting, guidelines compliance, and completion for a particular grant or grantmaker.

Data collection and analysis: Analyze past proposals and success rates to improve future grantseeking efforts.

Cloud-based access and document storage: Data is stored in the cloud so users can access their grant information from anywhere.

So in summary, grant writing software centralizes the proposal writing process. The automation and assistance can improve proposal quality and free up time for other grant management tasks.

How Does a Grant Writing Software Work in Tandem with a Grant Management Software?


Grant writing software and grant management software complement each other seamlessly, forming a dynamic duo in the realm of securing and overseeing funding. The grant writing software excels in the initial stages, aiding organizations in crafting compelling proposals. It provides templates, streamlines the writing process, and ensures that all essential elements are incorporated.

Once the grant is secured, the baton is smoothly passed to grant management software. This software takes the reins in organizing and centralizing data, implementing version control, and tracking compliance and deadlines. It acts as the meticulous custodian of the entire grant lifecycle, from conception to execution. The integration of these two types of software fosters a cohesive and efficient workflow. Information seamlessly transitions from the creative phase of grant writing to the structured realm of grant management.

This synergy not only enhances the overall efficiency of the grant-seeking process but also ensures that the awarded funds are judiciously utilized, monitored, and reported on. In essence, it's a harmonious partnership that optimizes the complex journey from seeking funding to successfully managing and implementing grant-funded projects.

What to Look for When Selecting a Grant Writing Software

There are some key factors to consider when selecting grant writing software. Below are just a few of them.


Assess which features are most important for your needs, such as grant tracking, proposal templates, collaboration tools, etc. Prioritize must-have vs. nice-to-have capabilities.

Look for something that has a library of templates, images, and fonts enables creation of polished deliverables like infographics, reports, and presentations to strengthen proposals.

And automated reminders to facilitate collaboration and task management when it comes to writing grants.

Ease of use, Integration & Scalability

The software should have an intuitive interface so staff can quickly learn and adopt it. Look for sufficient training resources and support. It’s also important to choose a solution that can grow with your organization over time as grant writing needs evolve.

You want to look for software that integrates with your existing tools and databases to streamline workflows as well.


Cloud-based software should have sufficient security protections, privacy controls, and backup systems, especially if storing sensitive data. It takes several hours to write a great grant proposal. You wouldn’t want a perfectly crafted grant proposal being lost on account of a system-crash.

Customer support

Choose software that offers responsive support via live chat, phone, email, FAQs, and training resources. Writing a grant is never too easy and it will help a great deal to have means to support your grantwriting efforts.


Compare pricing models like monthly subscriptions, per user fees, tiered packages, etc. It’s important to go for cost-effective value as well. Not all free software is bad, and not all paid software is good.

Evaluating these factors will help you select a comprehensive grant management software that aligns with your budget and organizational needs.

Streamline Every Step of the Grant Life Cycle with SmarterSelect

Of course, grant writing is just one part of the grant management process. After the grants are written, they need to be efficiently managed using grantmaking software. SmarterSelect excels in this aspect, providing seamless grant management solutions.

SmarterSelect centralizes all your grant information and workflows in one intuitive platform. Say goodbye to digging through cluttered folders and emails. Easily track deadlines, collaborate with reviewers, and monitor progress through user-friendly dashboards.

Templates, guidelines, and expert tips are built-in to help you manage your grant programs more effectively. Automated notifications and approval workflows keep you on track.

Whether you’re a foundation, government agency, or other grantmaker, SmarterSelect makes every step of the grant life cycle more efficient. Reduce busywork and keep your focus where it matters most — advancing your mission through impactful grantmaking.

The bottom line? SmarterSelect saves you time, organized information, ensures accuracy, and helps fund change faster. See why thousands of grantmakers rely on SmarterSelect as their grant management secret weapon. Schedule a demo today to experience smarter grantmaking for yourself!


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