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18 Inspiring Employee Recognition Awards

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18 Inspiring Employee Recognition Awards

There are many benefits to offering employee recognition awards. Recognizing your team's efforts can help build loyalty, morale, and employee engagement. Your employees will know when your appreciation is genuine. It’s good to take a personalized approach to employee recognition awards that fits your team members.

Why Employee Recognition Matters

Financial compensation alone doesn’t meet the need of your team to feel genuinely valued in the workplace. An awards system that recognizes everybody’s individual efforts will make your staff feel appreciated.

Inspiring employee recognition awards will help your team to feel truly connected to the company. According to a study, only 33% of employees felt that their company was interested in improving its awards program.

Research shows that employee recognition can help to improve employee retention, boost work engagement, lead to higher productivity, and improve the company culture.

Good Practices For Awards

It’s good to offer recognition to your employees as often as possible. You don’t need to wait for annual awards. What counts as meaningful recognition will differ from person to person, so you need to know what makes your employees tick.

Ensure that your employee recognition awards align with your company's values. This is essential. Your team members will know if your appreciation is genuine and deserved. Always be authentic.

If you show employee recognition during difficult times, this can help to keep company morale high. Consider using employee recognition platforms that will make the integration of employee recognition smooth and easy.

Inspiring Award Ideas

We all know about the classic employee of the month award. But which other inspiring employee awards could you offer?

1. Excellent Listener Award

Everybody wants to feel heard in the workplace. Somebody who is a good listener can help a team to bond. They can make everyone in the workplace feel like they are on the same page. Good listeners can also be excellent mediators in times of conflict.

A manager who can really listen will make their employees feel that somebody really cares. This will make employees feel emotionally invested in their job.

2. Professional Development Award

Employees who are always striving to better themselves are highly valuable. You don’t need to only look at work performance. You can also consider studies that employees are taking outside of work that will help them to be more effective workers. You can also look at how somebody is improving as a colleague or as a leader.

3. Recognizing Others Award

Team leaders and employees who recognize others are the lifeblood of your company. They are the uplifters, creating a positive work atmosphere. They can help you to attract and retain other great employees.

Staff members who constantly recognize others are driving employee engagement and team morale. Getting recognition from your work peers can boost performance by 14%.

4. Creativity Award

This award would go to an employee that embodies the spirit of innovation. Perhaps they are always coming up with creative solutions to problems. Perhaps they draft unique designs. Creativity is invaluable in the workplace.

5. Teamwork Award

Some employees will go out of their way to help others. They will have excellent communication skills and will help to hold a team together. Having a teamwork award will show that your company places a high value on collaboration.

6. Safety Award

Having a safety award will show that you take safety in the workplace seriously. This employee recognition award would be given to a team member who always ensures that the workplace is safe. They will promote high standards of safety amongst the entire workforce. Safety awards can also be given upon the completion of any related training programs.

7. Exceptional Feedback Award

Employee feedback is essential when it comes to finding effective solutions. If you offer a feedback award, this will encourage employees to offer their opinions freely. This will create a company culture of open feedback.

8. Years Of Service Award

Having a year of service or award will demonstrate that your company is able to retain employees for a long time. It recognizes commitment and longevity in the workplace. Employees are likely to place a high value on these awards. They will really feel appreciated for their dedication and hard work.

9. Company Values Award

Company values are what keep everyone driving towards the same goal. Having this award would be an easy way to remind employees of the values of your company on a regular basis. This award would be offered to an employee who embodies company values in everything they do. Honor team members who are living the company mission.

10. Leadership Award

This award is for the employee who is the driving force of a successful project. This award recognizes the soft skills of coaching, mentoring, and supporting other team members. This award can recognize those who go above and beyond when it comes to work ethic and creating a culture of success.

11. Customer Service Award

Customers are what keep your business on top. Customer service should be the first priority in any line of work. This award is for an employee who has shown excellent skills in customer relations. Having happy customers isn’t always easy. Offering this kind of award with a greater frequency could motivate your team to offer excellent customer service.

12. Work Excellence Award

It is important to recognize excellent work performance. This award could be offered to an employee who has had a lot of sales, completely upgraded work processes, or helped a whole team to succeed. Because of the efforts of this employee, your company is thriving. You cannot let these efforts go unnoticed.

13. Showing Appreciation

As well as offering inspiring employee recognition awards, there are other ways that you can show appreciation to your employees.

14. Gifts

Employees will always appreciate a monetary award. However, this can lack the personal touch. A more personal gift will show that you understand and listen to them. If your employee loves food, get them a food voucher at a top restaurant. If they love books, give them a book voucher.

15. Rewards

Having an employee rewards program is a great way to keep your team motivated. With a rewards program, employees can earn points when they work hard. These points can then be redeemed for a gift of their choice.

16. Public Shout-Out

You could highlight your employees' achievements by creating a post on social media. This kind of public appreciation will allow other team members, people in the company, and the general public, to offer their congratulations.

17. Team Celebration

You could have an office party or a zoom call where you recognize the achievements of your exceptional employees. You could add fun activities, games, or trivia.

18. The Personal Touch

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference. Having a simple conversation with your employees where you express gratitude for their hard work could be a huge motivator.

In Summary

The more recognition that employees receive, the more they will feel valued, engaged, and committed to your company. Awards can be an essential part of showing employee recognition.

Beyond the well-known employee of the month award, you can offer awards for many kinds of contributions at work. Some employees may be excellent listeners, while others may work extra hard on professional development. From being a good team player to showing excellent safety awareness, it is possible to recognize all of your employees for their unique contributions.

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