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How Are Scholarship Funds Paid Out?

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How Are Scholarship Funds Paid Out?

It's a question any student who receives a scholarship will be curious about - how are scholarship funds paid out? Scholarship money can come from a variety of sources, but the way it's paid out is generally dependent on the type and source of the scholarship. For example, private scholarships are usually paid out in a lump sum, while government scholarships may be paid out over time or in installments. In this post, we'll explore the various ways funds are paid to recipients and how to award a scholarship if you're considering starting a program of your own.

How are government scholarships paid out?


The government typically distributes government scholarships to support students in higher education. Most government scholarships are awarded based on financial need, academic achievement, or a combination of both. Government scholarship funds are typically given directly to the university, state school, or technical school that the student is enrolling in to cover tuition and related fees.

However, in some cases, government scholarships may be paid directly to the student to cover tuition, fees, and other expenses. The requirement is that they actually be enrolled in school. If it is later found out that the student dropped out and didn’t attend the school, they may be required to pay back the funds. This is why it’s so important for students that receive government scholarships to read the fine print on their awards. It’s not just free money to do whatever you want.

How are scholarship funds paid out if they are full ride awards? Full ride scholarships typically cover the entire two or four year program for a student. Most often these are paid out over the period of attendance - meaning each semester a portion of the funds will be disbursed rather than giving one lump sum up front. Full ride awards generally come with requirements such as:

  • GPA must be maintained at a certain level.
  • Students must be enrolled full time in a university/state school/technical school.
  • Family income must not exceed a certain threshold.

The rules and regulations of a government scholarship vary by the city/state disbursing the funds. What about private scholarships though? How are scholarship funds paid out by private organizations?

How are private scholarships paid out?

private-loan-payoutPrivate scholarships are awarded based on a variety of different factors, including academic achievement, financial need, and various extracurricular activities. Organizations or individuals typically award these types of scholarships to support students in obtaining a higher education. Like government scholarships, private scholarships also have specific guidelines for how the funds can be used.

For example, many private scholarships require that the funds go towards paying for tuition or other related expenses. When it comes to private scholarship funds, they are typically paid out in a single lump sum. This is usually done by the organization awarding the scholarship and can be presented in the form of a check or money order. If the student has a specific plan for how the funds should be used, it's a good idea to keep a written record of where the money goes. This will help ensure that the funds go towards the right expenses.

In the event the private scholarship requires you to earn/maintain a certain GPA, you will need to show proof of this as well. Some scholarships may require that you maintain your grades, attend a certain number of credit hours per semester, stay involved in a sport/extracurricular activity, etc… in order to keep the scholarship throughout your academic career.

As with government scholarships, it’s always a good idea for the recipient to read the requirements and have clear expectations of what they need to do to maintain good standing for their funds.

What happens if the tuition fees exceed the scholarship fund amount?

tuition-exceeds-loanUnfortunately, it’s not uncommon for tuition fees to exceed the amount of the scholarship fund. If this happens, the student will be expected to pay the rest of the tuition fees out of pocket. This is why it's important for students to have a contingency plan in case expenses go above the scholarship fund amount.

For example, it may make sense to consider taking out a student loan or apply for additional scholarships to cover the rest of the expenses. It's also important to keep in mind that not all scholarships have the same guidelines for how they should be used. Some scholarships may require that the student use the funds towards tuition, while others may allow the student to use the funds towards other expenses, such as books and supplies.

How to distribute scholarship funds for your own program

how-to-distribute-loansAfter allocating scholarship funds and creating a program of your own, there are a few different methods of disbursing scholarship funds to recipients that are selected. The most common way is by paying the money directly to the school that the student is attending. This is usually done in one lump sum, at the beginning of the semester or academic year.

Another way to distribute scholarship funds is by giving the money to the recipient (the student), who then pays for their schooling themselves. This can be done in installments, or all at once.

A third option is to have the student pay for their tuition themselves, and then reimburse them as they attend school. This can also be done in installments. However, this is the least common method for how to distribute scholarship funds because the entire point of receiving a scholarship is to help a person who might not otherwise have access to the money for schooling.

Whatever method you choose for how to distribute scholarship awards, make sure everything is in writing. From the amount you intend to give the student, to the requirements they must meet to keep their funding, having everything in writing protects all parties involved.

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