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Best Scholarship Management Software for Scholarship Providers

Better application management of scholarships, grants, awards, and more.

Best Scholarship Management Software for Scholarship Providers

If you haven’t heard of SmarterSelect, we’d love to share with you why we’re the best scholarship management software for scholarship providers. We admire what you do, and we understand that your role plays a massive and important part in higher education for so many people. Now more than ever, students are relying on scholarships to help cover high tuition costs, boarding, textbooks, and more. As a scholarship provider, we understand that you are very busy and can sometimes become overwhelmed with responsibilities. 

Scholarship management is a big task that requires a lot of moving pieces. From creating criteria for applications and selection, reviewing the massive amount of applications you receive, and disbursing awards, keeping everything straight can be challenging.

Utilizing efficient scholarship management software can make your life so much easier! That’s where scholarship management software comes in. It offers many benefits to scholarship program administrators that we will discuss below.

Benefits of Using Scholarship Management Software 


Effective scholarship management software has many benefits for you and your team as you manage your scholarship programs. Utilizing software like SmarterSelect can reduce the time, energy, and effort spent throughout various stages of the scholarship process.

One great benefit of utilizing scholarship management software is streamlined administration. Automating your administrative processes will save time and effort.

Another great benefit is that it can increase your transparency in processes such as scholarship selection, disbursement, and reporting.

You can also enhance your engagement by utilizing scholarship management software. Applicants and stakeholders alike will appreciate this as it gives an extra special touch to a process that can otherwise seem callous. For example, friendly messages to remind applicants of deadlines show them you have a vested interest in their opportunity to be selected as an award recipient.

Automating your processes will save you and your team time and effort, as well as improve your reputation and the trust of applicants and stakeholders.

Key Features of SmarterSelect

Application Management

We understand that the application process can become challenging. It can be easy to lose track of applicants, required documentation, and data. Effective scholarship management software can streamline the application process with configurable workflows. This will help you and your team better keep track of important documents and information. Automating and streamlining this process also protects sensitive and private data.

Evaluation and Selection Tools

The evaluation and selection process can become especially difficult without the assistance of effective scholarship management software. This software allows committee members to evaluate applications collaboratively as members will have constant access to applications within the software. This will speed up the evaluation process and ensure that each member can access applications. You can also customize the evaluation criteria and scoring rubric to best fit your needs. 

Disbursement and Financial Management

When it comes to scholarships, the disbursement process is one of the most important. Automating and digitizing these processes via effective scholarship management software will save time and ensure accuracy. We recommend automating payment options to better keep track of funds sent. You can then use that data to generate financial reports to ensure compliance and transparency. 

Communication and Engagement

It’s no secret that applicants and stakeholders alike prefer open, transparent communication and engagement. Utilizing scholarship management software allows you to digitize and automate these processes to promote continuous communication and engagement. You can automate these processes by sending alerts and reminders regarding deadlines, due dates, and outcomes. 

Reporting and Analytics

Program evaluation is a crucial piece in scholarship management as this is how you identify improvements and adjustments needed. Scholarship management software can make evaluation a simple process by generating reports on application statistics, recipient demographics, and program impact. You will then use these reports to help guide your team towards continuous improvement. 

Why Choose SmarterSelect Scholarship Management Software 


At SmarterSelect, we offer comprehensive, user-friendly scholarship management software to assist you with all of your scholarship management needs.

  • Reliable and Secure: Our scholarship management software is both reliable and secure, meaning you don’t have to worry about sensitive data not being protected. 

  • User-Friendly Interface: At SmarterSelect, we strive to make our software as simple and user-friendly as possible. We’re here to help simplify your role as a scholarship manager, not make it more difficult! We provide a seamless user experience with intuitive design and features. 

  • Scalability: It’s likely that you’re hoping to grow your nonprofit organization, and we want to help you grow! You can scale your scholarship program as your nonprofit evolves and grows. 

  • Dedicated Support: We are here for you! Don’t worry about running into roadblocks or confusion while using our scholarship management software as we have resources for you. As a member of SmarterSelect, you have access to personalized support and training resources. 

Experience the Benefits of SmarterSelect For Yourself

Discover how SmarterSelect can revolutionize your scholarship management process. Our user-friendly software streamlines administration, enhances transparency, and improves engagement. With reliable security, scalability, and dedicated support, SmarterSelect is the ideal solution for your growing nonprofit. Take the first step towards simplifying your scholarship management - try a demo of SmarterSelect today and see the difference for yourself!


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