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The 5 Best Scholarship Application Templates

Better application management of scholarships, grants, awards, and more.

The 5 Best Scholarship Application Templates

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a scholarship application template to help you design your own application form for your upcoming scholarship program? When you are developing a scholarship program, there are so many elements to consider.

You already have a lot to think about. From how much money you’ll be awarding to recipients to who will be providing the funds for the scholarship, and how you’ll choose your recipients to how frequently you’ll run a scholarship program. It can get a little overwhelming. 

Perhaps the most important element, however, is what should go into your application form. This is what you’ll use to find and select the perfect candidates after all.

With that in mind, below we’re sharing not just one scholarship application template with you, but five, so you can optimize your scholarship program to it's maximum potential. Let’s dive in!

Scholarship Application Template #1 (Click here to view)


We really like how at the beginning of the application, the eligibility requirements make it clear who should and should not apply for this scholarship. This will help the scholarship program manager reduce the chance of receiving applications from ineligible candidates. We also particularly like the fact that they give explicit instructions about what can cause a candidate to lose their scholarship in the event they are chosen as a recipient. 

We also like how the program administrators have asked questions that will tell evaluators whether or not the candidate is qualified to receive the award. It’s obvious based on the types of questions that the program organizers have an ideal candidate in mind, and their auto-scoring makes it easy for evaluators to filter out the lesser qualified applicants.

Scholarship Application Template #2 (Click here to view)


The sections to focus on in this template are those for Recommendations and Essays. In the Recommendations section, it is abundantly clear to the candidate what the program administrators are looking for in a recommendation for an applicant. The form gives the applicant everything they need to know ahead of time so that they can gather all materials and submit accordingly.

We also like that for the person recommending the applicant, the questions are thorough, yet easy to answer. The instructions are meticulous enough that exactly what is needed to provide a good recommendation is easy to understand. 

Moving to the Essays section, we like how comprehensible the instructions are there as well. Not only does the section include tips for how to write the essay, but it also gives uncomplicated directions on the prompt that the applicant should be writing about. 

Scholarship Application Template #3 (Click here to view)


We recommend looking at all sections of this perspicuous application. From the Applicant Information section to the Household Financial Information section, every bit of this scholarship application template is easy to understand and fill out.

Any candidate looking at this application will know exactly what the program administrators are looking for, without question. We particularly like the blend of short answer and multiple-choice questions that makes filling out the application that much easier. 

Scholarship Application Template #4 (Click here to view)


Sections of note to look at in this scholarship application template are the Family Assets, Income, Student’s Projected School Expenses, Student Debt, and Projected Student Resources for the Academic Year.

It’s clear from the application prompts that this scholarship is intended for those in financial need. Generous use of the Calculations feature reduces spreadsheet work. Asking these kinds of questions will help evaluators to quickly filter through and find the most eligible candidates for their scholarship.

Scholarship Application Template #5 (Click here to view)


This basic template gives scholarship program administrators a jumping-off point. Having a flexible scholarship application template like this to work with will help put you well ahead of the game in developing your own scholarship program.

SmarterSelect Makes the Scholarship Program Process Easier

Which scholarship application template above looks most appealing to you? Leave a comment below and tell us. And, if you want to learn how to create a scholarship application template of your own, we can walk you through the process. 

When you become a SmarterSelect client, you can view customer applications in our Program Library, and copy the application forms that you like from them into your own account for editing to your specific requirements. You can also ask other members what they think of your application sections and questions in our private forum.

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1. How to write a good scholarship application template?

To craft an effective scholarship application template, be concise and genuine. Highlight academic achievements, extracurricular involvement, and personal growth. Tailor each template to the specific scholarship's criteria. Showcase passion, future goals, and the impact of the scholarship. Edit for clarity and proofread meticulously.


2.  What are the elements to consider while developing a scholarship program?

It is crucial to consider the following elements while developing a scholarship program:

  • How much money you will be awarding to the recipients

  • Who will be providing the funds?

  • How you will be choosing your recipients

  • How frequently you will run a scholarship program

  • What should go into your application form?

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