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How To Ensure That The Scholarship Funds Reach The Students

Better application management of scholarships, grants, awards, and more.

How To Ensure That The Scholarship Funds Reach The Students

Scholarships can help the students who receive them immensely. The truth is, scholarships can be life changing. However, the good a scholarship can deliver only happens when the scholarship funds reach the intended recipients. Considering the fact that the organization/institution offering the scholarship usually receives hundreds, if not thousands of applications or more, ensuring the money goes where it’s intended can often be an uphill task. The question that arises then is how to ensure that the scholarship funds reach the students?

Using the Right Software - The Answer to How To Ensure That The Scholarship Funds Reach The Students

The best way to ensure scholarship funds reach the intended students is to use scholarship management software like SmarterSelect. Scholarship management software can help ensure that scholarship funds reach their intended recipients. These programs can help managers track scholarship applications, award notifications, and financial information. They can also keep track of compliance requirements, such as deadlines for reporting awards and income.

Managing a large number of applications becomes much easier


Since its inception in 2007, SmarterSelect has helped scholarship program managers worldwide keep track of applications from candidates, as well as manage the awarding of scholarships. Our software transforms the process of creating online forms and applications into one that is a lot less complicated, and helps program managers keep track of all the data related to scholarships. This includes all aspects of applications such as essays, letters of recommendation, financial information, and more. SmarterSelect also helps program managers generate reports on candidate data and award decisions. As a result, scholarship fund recordkeeping is made simple and efficient.

Automate evaluations

SmarterSelect automates the process of evaluating scholarship applications from candidates. This can save time and money for the scholarship committee by automating the scoring process and helping to identify finalists more quickly. Scholarship management software can also automate communication with applicants and help keep track of deadlines and other important dates.

Seamlessly send out award notifications

Not only does this software help you keep track of all the scholarships for which students have applied, but it also makes it much easier to notify recipients when they have been awarded a scholarship (or rejected as well). Scholarship management software can also help you keep track of your scholarship budget, and generate reports on your scholarship program too.

Tracking the distributed scholarship funds is a breeze with SmarterSelect

If you’re responsible for managing a scholarship fund already, then you know that it can be difficult to keep track of all the money going in and out. With so many people applying for scholarships and so much money changing hands, it’s easy to lose track of what’s happening. With SmarterSelect on your side, tracking the distributed scholarship funds is a breeze.


Our cloud-based software operates on tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktops. No more manual writing of awards letters. Instead, you can use SmarterSelect to regulate and monitor everything happening with your program. Grant managers and/or finance staff at non-profit organizations and companies that have created scholarship funds need to distribute their funds to the university so it can be used by the student, but they also need to create reports that tell their shareholders and/or donors what happened with the money.

Imagine being able to easily track every aspect of your scholarship and generate a report that you can share with everyone involved all from one tool. You don’t need a team of forensic accountants, coders, and programmers to run a tight ship either. And you don’t need to do everything by hand. Instead, you need SmarterSelect.


Just a few of the features that keep program managers coming back every year include:

A program library that gives you ideas for creating applications and evaluating your forms.

The ability to export your data via PDF exports and CSV files for quick work of scholarship fund recordkeeping and tracking the distributed scholarship funds.

Automated email and text messaging capabilities allowing you to effortlessly get in touch with applicants and/or your evaluation team about everything from the deadlines to the status of the awards and everything in between.

An automated tracking system that lets you email the recipients of awards with trackable links that let you know when they have accepted their awards.

Integrations with more than 2,000 other apps including Salesforce and CRM systems to better track every aspect of your scholarship program.

There is so much more to love about SmarterSelect that we haven’t even covered here! Rather than continue telling you about our amazing features though, we’d love to show you what we can do for your scholarship program. Let’s get your scholarship program on the fast track to automation and ease! Click here and start your free trial!


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