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Best Scholarship Management Software for NonProfits

Better application management of scholarships, grants, awards, and more.

Best Scholarship Management Software for NonProfits

Welcome to SmarterSelect - the best scholarship management software for nonprofits. Nonprofit scholarship funds hold a huge importance in higher education. As the cost of higher education continues to rise, more and more students are seeking scholarship opportunities. Many nonprofit organizations create scholarship funds to help students achieve their dreams, and we understand that running a nonprofit scholarship fund can be challenging.

Managing a scholarship fund is a massive job that includes many tasks such as creating eligibility criteria, reviewing applications, disbursement, and more. That’s why we highly recommend utilizing an effective scholarship management software to help. A good scholarship management software can cut down your time, work, and effort. It can also help ensure your organization is staying in compliance.

Continue reading as we discuss why SmarterSelect is your best choice when shopping for scholarship management software for nonprofits.

Benefits of Using Scholarship Management Software

As mentioned above, effective scholarship management software can save you time, energy, and effort by digitizing and automating processes. One of the great benefits of utilizing software is streamlined administration. Automating administration processes will save time and resources. Another benefit of effective scholarship management software is that it can increase your transparency in processes such as scholarship selection, disbursement, and reporting. Applicants and stakeholders alike prefer open and transparent communication regarding these processes.

You can also use scholarship management software to enhance engagement. It can assist you and your organization in increasing engagement with applicants, recipients, and stakeholders. One of the greatest benefits of effective scholarship management software is that you can customize and tailor the software to best fit your specific needs and the branding of your nonprofit organization.

Key Features Your NonProfit Scholarship Program Needs


Application Management

The application process can be challenging to work through. With multiple applications coming through, it can be easy to lose track of applications, required documents, and data. Utilizing scholarship management software allows you to streamline the application process with customizable and dynamic application forms. This will help you and your team keep better track of applications and data so you can keep it safe and preserved.

Evaluation and Selection Tools

Evaluating applications received can also be difficult to manage, particularly if you’re not utilizing a software program. Effective scholarship management software allows committee members to evaluate applications collaboratively as members will have consistent access to applications within the software. The software should also provide automated scoring tools.  You can also customize the evaluation criteria and scoring rubric to best match your nonprofit’s objectives.

Disbursement and Financial Management

Disbursement and financial management processes can pile up quickly. Automating and digitizing these processes via effective scholarship management software will save you time and ensure accuracy. We recommend automating payment options to enhance recipients’ experiences and better track funds spent. You can use the data collected in the software to track funds and generate reports for compliance and transparency.

Communication and Engagement

Communication and engagement are crucial pieces of any organization. Applicants and stakeholders alike will appreciate transparent communication and engagement. Good scholarship management software can streamline communication through automated alerts for deadlines, updates, and outcomes via email and text messaging. This will help ensure everyone is on the same page.

Reporting and Analytics

Program evaluation is an important piece in scholarship management. Evaluating your program allows you to assess growth and improvement opportunities. Utilizing scholarship management software can make reporting and analytics a simple process. You can use the software to generate reports on application statistics, recipient demographics, and program impact. These reports can then be used to guide your nonprofit in making program enhancements or adjustments.

Why Choose Our Scholarship Management Software


At SmarterSelect, we offer comprehensive, user-friendly scholarship management software to assist you with all of your scholarship management needs. Below are just a few reasons why you should select our scholarship management software.

SmarterSelect is Reliable and Secure. Our scholarship management software is both reliable and secure, meaning you don’t have to worry about sensitive data not being protected.

We provide a User-Friendly Interface. At SmarterSelect, we strive to make our software as simple and user-friendly as possible. We’re here to help simplify your role as a scholarship manager, not make it more difficult! We provide a seamless user experience with intuitive design and features.

Scalability is a breeze with SmarterSelect. It’s likely that you’re hoping to grow your nonprofit organization, and we want to help you grow! You can scale your scholarship program as your nonprofit evolves and grows.

We also offer dedicated support. We are here for you! Don’t worry about running into roadblocks or confusion while using our scholarship management software as we have resources for you. As a member of SmarterSelect, you have access to personalized support and training resources.

Ready to see for yourself how we can back up our claim of being the best scholarship management software for nonprofits? Click here for a demo today! We can’t wait to show you all the ways we can help you streamline your scholarship management workflows!


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