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Top Impactful Awards Tracking Programs

Better application management of scholarships, grants, awards, and more.

Top Impactful Awards Tracking Programs

Many organizations use award tracking programs to oversee the entire award process. This process usually entails nomination, submission, examination, and the awarding process in itself. As a result, award tracking programs can be employed in different sizes and stages of an organization.

Are you looking for the top award tracking programs in 2023? We examined dozens of platforms and chose the most impactful that you should consider. Also, we've provided you with some highly helpful pointers on what to look for when selecting your awards tracking program and application management system.

What Are the Features of a Quality Award Tracking Program?

As we earlier mentioned, award tracking programs provide solutions that ease the problems of administering an award. Users can acquire applicant information, vote on entries, and create award process reports. For institutions, it aids scholarships, grants, and other recognition awards. It also creates a centralized platform for submitting and reviewing impactful opportunities.

For businesses, it personalizes employee awards to conform to company goals and branding while supporting numerous award options, business points, and other rewarding aspects. To acquire an impactful award tracking program, here are some essential features you should keep an eye out for:

  • Options for personalization

The personalization effect is an essential aspect of having a good award tracking program. One should easily change the look and feel of the website or registration form. In addition, the judgment procedure, along with elements like currency, wording, and other necessary properties, should be completely customizable.

  • Automated emails

An awards tracking system should effortlessly allow you to access applicant communication. This often includes deadline reminders, confirmation emails, application status updates, and many more. You should also be able to automate emails to different applications and easily supervise other communication elements.

  • Webpage creator

Most award tracking software lets you quickly establish a webpage for your awards. Others, like Evalato, which we'll discuss later, create features that allow you to integrate your awards registration form into your website. If you can create a great website for your awards, an embeddable registration form can provide more brand visibility, SEO content, and a sublime user experience.

  • Several voting choices

Without a doubt, this is an important aspect of any reward tracking system. Common voting methods include popularity, points, and score voting. If you wish to increase the visibility of your awards, public voting is required; however, several voting options provide more flexibility.

  • Personal application and judging portals

Candidates and judges should have their online workspace in an award tracking program. It would be even better if a workspace had the "resume" feature, allowing progress to be stored and resumed at any time. Also a good tool to have a safe and fast internet connection would be a best vpn. This one tool holds impeccable power to keep tons of online ganders at bay.

Now that we've gone through some features the best award tracking software requires, let's look at six impactful award tracking programs.
What Are 5 Impactful Awards Tracking Programs?
Below are six of the most useful awards tracking programs available.

 1. SmarterSelect

SmarterSelect is self-funded, profitable, and slowly taking over the world of online applications. Our team works hard to make products people love to use. Our in-house support staff sits on the front lines, helping customers solve problems and make the most of their online applications. And, our product management and engineering teams are constantly innovating, collaborating, fixing things, and keeping the wheels turning.

2. SurveyMonkey Apply

SurveyMonkey Apply is an award tracking program created for institutions to track scholarship and grant applications. It was previously called FluidReview, before its acquisition by SurveyMonkey a few years back. This program is a gold mine for grantmakers because it emphasizes arranging tools and applications to support detailed reviews.

SurveyMonkey also provides unique discounts for non-profits while offering a customizable workflow and dashboard to simplify applicant participation. However, users must know that SurveyMonkey doesn't offer any free plans or trials.

3. Evalato

Evalato is one of the best awards tracking programs in the industry because of its simplicity, customization, and extensive feature capabilities. The tracking program was built to make word administration less cumbersome and easy to operate.

When exploring similar solutions in award tracking and management, none provide an extensive array of features encompassing various plans like Evalato. The embedded web page option also provides an embeddable registration form and various tools to increase the number of awards submissions.

Unlike SurveyMonkey above, it offers limitless free trials that you can use to evaluate if it's the right fit for you.

4. Submittable

Submittable is one of the most widely used award tracking programs out there. Why? Because of its strength with impact programs, awards, and scholarships. It comes equipped with resources needed to create, track and develop social impact projects locally and internationally.

The program helps track grants and scholarships to awards and CSR initiatives. In addition, the platform reorganizes and streamlines your workflow from start to finish, resulting in better decisions and a greater impact.

Submittable comes with several impactful grant-specific features. However, like SurveyMonkey, its pricing is by quotation only, so you'll need to speak with a sales representative to find out how it costs.

5. AwardForce

AwardForce, like Submittable, is very well-known in the award management space. It is Australian-owned award-winning cloud software for award organizers who conduct activities ranging from grants to employee recognition, scholarships, and pitch competitions. It is fast, secure, and provides an effective experience for various program users.

AwardForce has extensive functionality and unique features available using its best plans. Unfortunately, there is no free trial, so a pre-recorded demo is required to experience its capabilities.

6. AwardStage

AwardStage, like others in this list, is mostly intended for award contests and presentations. However, with a ticketing capability, it is useful for major award ceremonies with significant guest lists and the need for ticketing solutions. Unfortunately, AwardStage doesn't provide a free trial version. Hence, you'll need to get a demo to access its features. Its price is also feature-based with annual plans.

Why Do You Need an Award Tracking Program?

After learning about some of the best awards tracking programs available, you need to understand why you may need one. It would help if you had an award solution because:

  • Removal of communication and human error

Every good award tracking program offers an automated communication function with judges and applicants. This saves time and mitigates the risk of miscommunication throughout the entire process. Award tracking programs also calculate the evaluation results and eliminate human error.

  • Saves time

Awards tracking programs are essential because of their evident time-saving capabilities. This is the major purpose of any software – to save time and make processes easier. Using award tracking programs like SurveyMonkey and Submittable, you can save between 70% – 80% staff time on average.

  • Fosters growth

As earlier mentioned, award tracking programs eliminate time-consuming and exhausting administrative procedures. Also, the best award solutions feature analytic tools that allow you to measure results. This helps with the overall management and decision-making during the award process. In addition, many tracking programs include sales tools to help you increase the total number of submissions and payments.

  • Organization

Another reason why you need an award tracking program is because of its optimization and organization features. Using an award management program can optimize and automate tedious tasks like having a reliable app that organizes your pictures, videos, and documents. For example, businesses and institutions use awards tracking software to collect award applications, assess the entries, and distribute the results to participants, all in a single program. Again, think of the function of cryptocurrency's decentralized program. You can buy Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies under the supervision of blockchain technology. Similarly, award tracking programs manage the entire processes involved in award administration.

They drastically improve workflow and simplify award recognition and administration evaluation. Several activities can be simultaneously managed while you focus on the more important aspects.


The best award tracking programs provide efficiency and overall optimization of various award processes. They are invaluable in institutions and businesses requiring award recognition and other related activities. If you are looking for some of the most impactful award tracking programs for 2023, you'll be satisfied with our above list.


1. Why do I need an awards tracking solution?

Having an awards tracking solutions helps in the following ways:

  • Removes communication errors and human error
  • Eliminates time-consuming and exhausting administrative procedures
  • Optimizes and automates tedious tasks.

2. What features should I look for in an awards tracking solution?

Here are the top features you should look for in an awards tracking solution:

  • Should be customizable
  • Several voting options that provide more flexibility
  • Personal online workspaces for candidates and judges.

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