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Get Back in the Saddle with New Features

Better application management of scholarships, grants, awards, and more.

Get Back in the Saddle with New Features

The summer is almost over and the 2018-19 school year is upon us, so let's catch up on the latest product news and discover all the ways SmarterSelect is built to help you do what you do.

What's new

User Analytic Integration

Do you use Google Analytics, Hotjar, Heap, or another user analytic or tracking tool? Track activity on program start/landing pages, pre-qualifiers, and matching searches with a simple analytic tool integration feature. No coding necessary - simply copy and paste code provided by your analytic tool into a field and save. Now available for all Enterprise clients.

Integration - Example of script


What's coming

Formatting Toolbar

Text formatting tool bar for text fields, including program description, program requirements, matching description, messages, and question text/labels.  Customize your program, form, and message text without having to use HTML tags. Coming soon for all users.

Open Deadlines

Do you have an open program that doesn't have a deadline? This upcoming feature will allow you to remove deadlines from your program, allowing you to run a signle program for 365 days a years, year after year. Coming in 2018 for all levels.


Did you know...?

For system and filter drop-down lists, there is now a search box to help find what you need more quickly.

You can customize the email footer contact information for specific programs if it needs to be different from your account-level contact info.

You can have a word count minimum for essay questions.

You can edit your multiple choice answer options while your program is open. Reorder, disable, and edit choices whenever you need!

Submit a support ticket or search the Help Center without leaving where you are with the Help widget (in the bottom-right corner of your screen whenever you're logged into SmarterSelect).

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