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Infrastructure Update - 2/27/2014

Better application management of scholarships, grants, awards, and more.

Infrastructure Update - 2/27/2014

For many of you this is a busy time of the year with many application deadlines. It is for us, too!

Since January 1, our site traffic is up 17% over last year, we have had almost 500,000 visits to our site, and we have served over 3,000,000 web pages. Since last Sunday, just 4 days ago, we've served 500,000 web pages alone.

In the past year, we have enhanced and expanded our server infrastructure significantly and that investment is paying off. Our 24x7 system monitoring shows that all of our servers are operating comfortably with plenty of capacity for traffic increases in the next several days and weeks of this busy season.

For those of you with deadlines this weekend, we will be reviewing and responding to all support requests at our support site on Saturday and Sunday so that we can assist you as promptly as possible.


Some of you with large applicants pools of over 750 applicants may have experienced recent slowness in the display of your Applicants page. We have found and fixed the problem with one of our database queries that caused this page to take quite awhile to display. The page should now display significantly more quickly for you. Your Reports should run more quickly, too. Please note that this was not a traffic related problem. Sorry for the inconvenience.

As a consequence of this fix, we have disabled the Group By functionality in the Applicants table so that the table can display more quickly. However, you can still filter this table by Status (e.g. Submitted, Incomplete, etc), First Name, Last Name, and Email Address. Just click your cursor on the top of the column that you wish to filter and select your filter criteria.


We appreciate your business and we are committed to your satisfaction and that of your users.

The ScholarSelect Team

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