Service Upgrade Notes – 1.13.16

We implemented an upgrade this afternoon.  In this upgrade were some small bug fixes as well as some new small improvements.  Let’s take a quick look at these changes.

Pre-Filtered People Table

When you go to the “People” table, you will now be shown by default a list of all of your users who have been active within the past 12 months. For those who have been with us for several years, this will help to see a better accounting of the “active” users in your list. But don’t worry – you haven’t lost access to those who haven’t been active in the last year. At the top of the page, you will see a link “Show Archived Users” to see the full list displayed.

Admin's People Table


Other Improvements

The “Matching Title” (set in the Matching section of the common) will now be what displays to the applicants when they click “Return to Search”.

The data exports from the Requests table is greatly improved. All data will match up correctly in each column, making the review of information and recommendation requests much easier.

Bug Fixes

The “Send” button is working again in the message preview window when sending Broadcast messages.

Questions, sections, and pages shown by an App Rule will no longer hide again when the App Rule is based on a multiple choice/multiple answer question type.

Autoscores of Calculation questions that are based on recommendation request fields are now updating in real time. This was only affecting recommendation-based questions.

Question Help cannot be added to a new Instruction question type. This has been affecting the placement of the Question Help box, rendering the fields or buttons covered untouchable.

Checking the Survey option on a program page will no longer render the PersonalApp option disabled. However, both options still cannot be selected at the same time as they are conflicting program types.

If an admin bookmarks a URL to a new application creation page, the admin will be redirected to the program page as an admin. This will prevent access issues in such cases.

Coming very soon…

We have been working steadily over the last two months on improvements to the Evaluation features in your programs. Be on the lookout for Evaluator Groups, customizable admin Evaluation tables, and Evaluator score/notes sharing!

Let us know what you think!

We are always open to new ideas on features and improvements to SmarterSelect!  If you have any suggestions to us, please send us a ticket to the Support team at


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