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Works well for scholarships – not quite as adaptable for grants.

This program was designed to work with scholarships, and it does very well for that purpose. We also use it with our grant process and with a teacher recognition program where the nominator is not the person eligible for the award. There are definitely limitations and drawbacks for these processes.


The scholarship program is relatively easy to use, and the support staff is usually quite responsive and helpful.


For grant applications, there are limitations because the grants show up under the name of the person who completed the application rather than by the name of the organization. Smarter Select has developed a couple of work arounds to help ease this problem, but it does present quite a bit more work on the backside. Also, for our teacher recognition program, the nominator is the one who shows up, rather than the nominee. This is an ongoing problem that we haven’t really been able to solve. Our program is pretty unique, so a solution is probably not on the horizon and may not be worth Smarter Select’s efforts to fix it.