SmarterSelect enhances your application process without bogging you down in complicated technology.
And, because it's a subscription service you benefit from our continuous innovation.
Our services seamlessly plug into your existing systems and workflow so you're
up and running quickly. We make it easy to get started.



Perfect for managing just a few or a few thousand applicants.  No programming required.  No more wasting time matching application files with transcripts and recommendations or transcribing data and correcting errors.  So, you can focus your organization's valuable time and resources on attracting and selecting the most qualified candidates.



How much time do you spend copying, collating, and filing the stacks of papers submitted by grant applicants?  SmarterSelect's totally online solution eliminates paper and the effort spent simply organizing paperwork and information, rather than evaluating the most deserving applicants.


Recognition Awards

Increase the quality and quantity of nominations for your recognition awards.  Online application forms enable you to specify exactly the information you are seeking plus provide plenty of opportunities to upload supporting documentation.  Having everything online easily facilitates selection by your committees if they are across town or across the country.


Fellowships and Internships

Collect and process all types of information from applicants to your programs.  Photos, resumes, links to video or audio, scanned documentation, recommendation letters, etc.  Attract the best candidates by making it easy to apply.


Data Collection and Reporting

Need to collect data from individuals or your grantees, award recipients, chapters, affiliates, or offices?  SmarterSelect's online solution is perfect for securely and easily capturing this information.  No transcribing of data and no copying and printing of files.  Plus, the data is easily exported for analysis.


Testing and Certification

Using SmarterSelect's Personal App feature, you can operate online testing and certification programs by generating applications that have time constraints for starting the application and for application completion.  Plus, you can provide a one-time-only-use link to a specific applicant for the application.

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Get feedback on your organization, your processes, your services, your people, etc.  Set up and launch in minutes!


Some of Our Favorite Solutions

If your application form is on paper or PDF, then it can be managed totally online with SmarterSelect.  Some of our favorite solutions include "Most Outstanding Song Competition", "Most Outstanding Video Competition", "Personal Emergency Grant", and "National Broadcaster Examination".

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